The most beloved homes in the Gulf States share time-tested principles of good design. The challenge we now face is to harmonize good design with the demands of climate and economics. The GreenSteel Homes system-built approach provides both. At GreenSteel, the architect who drew the structure also controls the factory plans. For possibly the first time, what homebuyers and developers love in elevations and floor plans will be exactly what they get on their lot - and at the price they agreed to pay.

GreenSteel Homes is attacking the affordability problem in a revolutionary way. Instead of compromising components that contribute to safety, curb appeal and environmental responsibility to hit the lowest price points, GreenSteel is raising standards to achieve higher value. What's more, GreenSteel seeks opportunities to help developers place a full range of structures - from single family designs to commercial cottages and multi-family dwellings - in neighborhood clusters.


Questions? Check out the Green Steel Overiew or the Features list!

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Homes Designs

Below are a few examples of our homes which range from 600 to over 2500 square feet. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

 Download The Carrabelle flyer [PDF]

 Download The St.James flyer [PDF]

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 Download The Apalachicola flyer [PDF]

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 Download The Franklin flyer [PDF]

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